Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to Ready the Interior of your House for Winter

In our last blog, we talked about exterior chores to accomplish before winter hits. This month will feature the interior chores to get done before you relax. By acting now, you’ll save money on your energy bills, increase your home’s components, and make your house safer throughout the cold winter months.
Windows and Doors – Check all your windows and doors for any heat loss and consider replacing the weather-stripping if you find any rough spots. Caulk spots that allow cool air through or shrink wrap your windows to keep out the cold air and trap in the heat. Consider using storm windows and doors to accompany your existing ones for added protection.
Ventilation – Clean or replace your furnace’s air filter to maximize efficiency. Bring a professional to check your heating system and make sure you schedule checks for your chimney and furnace. Remove window air conditioners or cover them to prevent cool air leaks. Check your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and replace the batteries to ensure they are fresh and will last, especially if you have a fireplace or heating system that burns wood, coal, or gas. Also, don’t forget to reverse your fan direction, it will blow the warm air towards the ground for energy efficiency.
Add a Mudroom – A good Mudroom or entry way is your first line of defense against a messy winter.  A place to knock the slush off your boots and hang your wet jacket will not only keep the rest of your house clean, but can also add some curb appeal and creates great organizational space for your family. Boot trays and lockers for hats, gloves, and coats are a must-have if you have small children.
Prepare for a blizzard – as we have seen in Buffalo this year, weather is always unpredictable.  Don’t let a big storm catch you off guard. Prepare a first-aid kit, gather candles, flashlights, and matches, pack warm clothes, blankets and non-perishable food along with water and other drinks. Prepare for at least three days when making your kit.
Clean out your garage – Time to put the summer projects away. Pack away your lawn-mower and bring out the snow blower. Create room for your machines, shovels, and other winter toys. Pull out the salt and other chemicals used to battle the icy stairs and railings. Set up driveway markers to help you navigate when the snow makes it difficult to see.
We hope these winter tips have helped you on your way to a safe and cozy winter season. Leave a comment on any ideas we missed or how you plan to keep your house toasty and warm for the upcoming months!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Can Creative Custom Builders Offer You.

The process of planning and building the home of your dreams can be hectic, tedious and every other stressful adjective in the book. This is where Creative Custom Builders steps in to save the day with their knowledge and expertise - not to mention their ability to provide you with a patio home that will meet your every need! Here are five key advantages to owning a patio home:

1)     Downsizing- Maybe the birds have finally left the nest or you’ve simply decided you no longer need a multi-level home. Now is the time to make a move to a home that’s exactly the right size.

2)     One-Level Living- This type of living is extremely low maintenance. Also, the lack of a single staircase on the property is especially beneficial to senior citizens or anyone with limited mobility.

3)     Cost- In today’s economy, it’s understandable the financial burden is a main concern. Rest assured with the fact that patio homes are considerably less expensive than the typical single family home.

4)     Setting- Patio homes are much less crowded in comparison to condominiums or townhomes. It should also be noted that some of our lots are located along the river; the ultimate symbol of peace and relaxation.

5)     Amenities- The best part of owning a patio home is all of the amenities included. See for yourself:
So the real question is; what are you waiting for? Creative Custom Builders is ready to help create the perfect patio home to best suit each and every one of your needs.